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Smog Oasis is a top notch STAR Certified shop located in Ocean Beach and Point Loma. We perform all Regular and Test-Only smog inspections, transfer of ownership, and out of state or military base inspections. We also perform smogs on imports, domestics, exotics, RV's and diesel vehicles. All are welcome! Save time by scheduling an appointment!

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Our Mission

We know that complying with the California DMV can be inconvenient. Our goal is to make it less so... We strive to deliver a 100% accurate smog test, every time.

Our mission is based on our core philosophies of gratitude and Win/Win. We strive to minimize the inconvenience of complying with the State mandated vehicle emissions program.

Our Process

Our goal is to provide our customers with accurate information pertaining to their vehicle’s overall “health” as it relates to the three segments of a smog test:
Smog Oasis Car Inspection
Visual Inspection
Step 1
Car Component Functional Testing
Functional Testing
Step 2
Tailpipe Emissions Testing
Tailpipe Emissions
Step 3
When we're finished, we take the time to explain your results to the level you desire, from in depth analysis to a simple “You passed”!

The Experience

While you're with us, you can expect to find a clean place to relax, a good view of your vehicle at all times (we encourage our customers to watch and ask questions), free Wi-Fi, and complimentary Hawaiian gourmet coffee! We have spacious, climate controlled waiting areas at each location.

Virtually 99% of the vehicles on the road fall into our standard pricing. If you have any questions about the pricing for your particular vehicle, please feel free to call us.
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